Feb 7, 2023 I posted my third blog - AI for General Science - Large language models for scientific hypothesis/research ideas generation
Jan 5, 2023 This summer, I will join in the Aviv Regev’s Group at Genentech as a Research Intern, work with Romain Lopez.
Sep 14, 2022 CLUE is accepted to NeurIPS 2022 as Oral presentation! See you in New Orleans!
Jun 30, 2022 I posted my second blog - Collection of some resources related to the PhD journey
Feb 16, 2022 I gave a talk about our CLUE method on the 9th Winter q-bio conference!
Feb 5, 2022 I posted my first blog - Seurat CCA? It’s just a simple extension of PCA!
Dec 10, 2021 Our method CLUE is the winner in all categories of Match Modality task in Multimodal Single-Cell Data Integration Competition(NeurIPS Competition 2021) :sparkles: :smile: