Collection of some resources related to the PhD journey.

Collection of some resources related to the PhD journey.


Last quarter, I took the Tao of the Ph.D. seminar at the University of Washington. I was in California and couldn’t get involved as much but I still learned a lot from the recommended resources covering many important topics for Ph.D. students. In addition, I also learned a lot from the internet(Video, Blog, Article, Podcast), so I want to make a collection of them. Some of them are written in Chinese, which means the original posts are in Chinese

Reading stories of people who have gone through the same journey is a virtual way to gain experience - It’s like reading a cheat sheet while playing games!

Before applying for the Ph.D., I recommend some articles to read! PhD is not necessary for all people.

Research Topic

Research is one of the most important things in the life of a PhD student.

Academic writing




Other people’s stories are counterfactual worlds for us.


Video & Podcast